Elementary Physics

The main reason for the translation of this Danish text book on physics written from 1979-1980 is the growing interest for text books as they were outlined 25 years ago. That is, everything is explained using mathematics. To the books originally also belonged about 40 instructions to class experiments. However, written in the late 70'ties, most of them the are now considered to be obsolete, but they can still be found in the Danish edition of the books: Elementær Fysik, on the same Web side Elementary Physics is a textbook on Physics, written and published back 1 1976 -1979.
They were intended for the mathematical/physical branch of the Danish educationnal 9-12 grade highschool (Gymnasium).

Until 1988 Mathematics and Physics were teached on a fairly high theoretical level in Denmark. This was possible because the students mathematical skills at that time were vastly better than today.

After 1988, the way of teaching physics changed, the traditional theoretical level with proofs, derivations and rigorous expanations were dropped, and replaced by teaching how physics and mathematics could be applied in daily life society.

By the reform in 2005, the theoretical aspect almost disappered completely, and elemmentary mathematical skills were discarded in favor of operating mathematical computer programs. The education has turned from theoretical to lexical.
A development in the educational systems towards the ideology of social constructivism, which I sense is more or less shared by most of the Western world.(But not in Asia)

For this reason The textbooks "Elementary Physics", was completely absent in educational system in the period 1988 - 2008. for the simple reason, that the students were unable to understand it (especially the mathematics), but since then it has had a revival, but now as internet pages, together with the many other articles in my homepage. www.olewitthansen.dk .

The reason for the renewed interest for a 40 years old textbook is that textbooks on physics presented in this manner simply do not exist any longer, neither as textbooks nor as internet pages material, were you get a rigorous theoretical explanation of physics and mathematics in a level, which nowadays is at university undergraduate level. If you should ask for a comparison for the level and the conceptual chronology in the books, you might choose Young and Freedmann: University Physics. (But my books were actually written some 15 years earlier).

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Elementary Physics is a comprehensive textbook on physics aimed at the university undergraduate level.